J2 Film Music

Judy Hyman & Jeff Claus

 At the film mix for the sci-fi film,  Wetware  - Sound Lounge, NYC.

We're two musicians/film composers whose first names begin with J. We've served as composers, musicians, recording engineers, film music mixers, and, sometimes, music directors for over 20 feature films and nationally broadcast documentaries. We're also co-founding members of the alt-folk band, The Horse Flies, and the indie rock band, Boy with a Fish, and have done a lot of touring and recorded 10 albums, some with a major label. The feature films we've scored star such actors as: Bruce Dern, Martin Sheen, Genevieve Bujold, Jacqueline Bisset, Kris Kristofferson, Michael J. Fox, Rip Torn, Tantoo Cardinal, Ernie Hudson, Jerry O’Connell, Marin Hinkle, Luis Guzmán, Treat Williams, Gordon Clapp, Carrie Snodgrass, Jean Louisa Kelly, Nicole Shalhoub, Jessica Hecht, and Diane Guerrero. Documentaries (PBS and others) have focused on such topics as: the racial/racist history of a state park in North Carolina, the history of deaf culture and related civil/human rights struggles, the damaging effects of and alternatives to hydrofracking for natural gas, saving the Lakota language, reclaiming the Cayuhoga river from environmental degradation, the harmful effects of climate change for the indigenous Yup’ik and their way of life, prescription drug abuse, Frederick Law Olmsted and his efforts to democratize access to nature in urban spaces, John James Audubon, The War of 1812, Thomas Jefferson, and more.

For more about our filmscoring and other work, please go to the Credits page. To hear examples, please go to the Music page.

We think film is a powerful way to inform and inspire people in pursuit of a more fully inclusive, just, sustainable world. Thus, we think filmmaking is vitally important in these deeply conflicted, challenging times. We love working on all kinds of films, but we especially appreciate films addressing important social justice issues (e.g. racism, discrimination, class inequality, environmental issues, energy policy, ethnic and religious intolerance, gender and sexuality, health/healthcare, immigration, education, food justice, the importance of science, and many other issues cultural, historical, economic, political...). As a result, we’re committed to doing some social justice oriented projects FOR FREE OR VERY LOW COST every year, as our schedule allows. We will do everything/anything from creating, recording, and mixing new/original music for full films, to providing or altering any of our existing music and recordings for which we own the publishing rights, to finding and licensing appropriate (and sometimes free) music recorded by others, and more. We have relationships with lots of great musicians, and we have an extensive library of sampled and synthesized sounds. This allows us to work with a wide range of instruments and styles -- we've created scores with elements of traditional/Americana, rock, classical, electronic, atmospheric soundscapes, ethnic percussion, mallet instruments, urban beats, and jazz. And, if there's interest and budget allows, we have easy access to two excellent studios with large live rooms and top level gear and engineers (Pyramid Sound and Electric Wilburland). We’re also happy to help in any other ways we can – e.g., just mixing and/or preparing already recorded/mixed music for inclusion in a film mix, consulting, etc. -- for free. No project is too large or small. If you're interested in discussing possibilities, please email or give us a call.


Judy plays violin, viola, piano and keyboards and is skilled with music composition software (e.g., Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Sibelius, etc.) and a long list of good digital sound sources. She's toured and recorded with Natalie Merchant, received an Emmy for one of her documentary film scores, had music used by the New York Times online, and earned a music degree from Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music.

Jeff plays acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, and other instruments; has an extensive library of software sound sources; and does composing, audio recording and mixing using Pro Tools, a nice collection of plug-ins, vintage and modern microphones, quality preamps, and outboard gear. He writes songs and film music, sings, creates atmospheric soundscapes, and has had songs and music used by film director Oliver Stone (in his film Any Given Sunday), Natalie Merchant, MTV's Rock the Vote, the band Fiery Furnaces, and others.

As co-founding members of the The Horse Flies and Boy with a Fish, we've toured in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and have recorded 10 albums, some with a major label. We've long combined the old and new in sound, aesthetic, and production techniques, both in our bands and filmscore work.

Writing about The Horse Flies, Rolling Stone said: "They churn out swirling, addictive songs, blending tradition with invention." Melody Maker in London: "The textures are a blend of the ancient and the ultra modern. Realism coexists with surrealism, and synthetics and acoustics are interwoven. A record of dark brilliance." The Boston Herald: "Brilliantly peculiar ...new music with gnarled and twisted roots." The LA Times: "The film is an evocative, painstaking period piece enhanced stunningly by a spare, pulsating score by The Horse Flies." (from a review of Where the Rivers Flow North). And Time Out magazine in London: "Music that hypnotizes, disturbs and drags up all the images of David Lynch's movies you might or might not have seen."

Writing about Judy’s playing, critics have used such words as: "powerful," "haunting," "impressive," "rousing," "intense," "gorgeous," "sepia-toned," "stirring," and "beautiful." Describing Jeff’s songwriting, reviewers have said: "very intelligent, very original material" ... "deceptive simplicity that aches with a lethal combination of nostalgia and regret" … "observational tales of loneliness that carry beneath them a sense of deep emotional attachment making their bittersweet protagonists all the more poignant," ... "quirky and poetic."


Thank you…
Jeff Claus & Judy HYman
Email: clausjeff60@gmail.com or judy@judyhyman.com
Phone: 607-277-7025